We have four plans: the Starter, the Basic, the Professional and the Enterprise.

The Starter is for those businesses with a smaller inventory, very limited budget, often just beginning their journey to online fame and fortune. The Basic is still at a modest budget, with a somewhat more polished capability. The Professional caters for up to 500 products, and is suitable for businesses who are very serious about their online sales strategy. The Enterprise is the best of the best: unlimited products, business reports & analytics, marketing into Google AdWords, unlimited photos per product and many other features.

Any feature, within any plan, can be turned off if requested.

Once we set up your store, we can continue running it for you or we can transition it to you at any time.

Products The number of different products that can be sold on your store 75 100 500 Unlimited
Bandwidth The maximum monthly traffic between your store and your customers 2GB 2GB 3GB 45GB
Storage The maximum amount of data stored on your store 200MB 200MB 300MB 3GB
Standard Look and Feel Design is industry standard - anyone who has used other stores, including eBay, will instantly feel at home
Domain name Choose any available domain name for your store (such as or country specific domain name (such as
Logo Display your professionally designed logo on every page Simple Simple
Graphic templates The number of available templates for your store - with different colors and schemes, to ensure your store is uniquely you Limited Choice Limited Choice Unlimited Unlimited
Videos Embed any sort of video (including YouTube galleries)    
Photos Per Product The maximum number of photos displayed with each product 2 3 5 Unlimited
Zoom Special zoom feature so your customers can see the photos in detail
Thumbnails The storefront displays each product as a thumbnail image, which can be clicked for further detail and photos
Automatic Thumbnail Choose which of the product's photos becomes the thumbnail
Photo Description Give each photo a descriptive title to make the experience even more user friendly    
Galleries Automatically generated photo galleries to enable browsing through photos a one click experience
Home page The customer can go directly into the store, or alternatively have a "home page" to go to beforehand Store Only No home page - the customer enters directly into the store Simple Home page available, but with a simple design
Category Menus Separate your products into different categories, displayed under their own menus and sub-menus
Browser Support The store will display on all popular web browsers (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, etc) - on PCs, Macs and laptops
iPhone Support The store will be displayable on an iPhone    
iPad Support The store will be displayable on an iPad
Android Support The store will be displayable on an Android phone    
Blackberry Support The store will be displayable on a Blackberry    
Palm Support The store will be displayable on a Palm    
Policies Include terms and conditions, returns policy, security policy etc
Contact Pages Customers can input their details to ensure they can be contacted (for example email addresses)
Optional Registration A customer may pay with ot without registration (great for customers who don't like to leave their details)
Online Checkout Simple and user-friendly checkout system to confirm purchase, enter shipping address and pay
One click 'Add To Cart' Add any product to the online shopping cart with a single click - easy!
Brands Each product can be assigned their own brand or manufacturer
Logical Products The store can be configured to sell physical products (such as clothes or computers) as well as logical products (such as downloadable software or music, or concert tickets)
Gift Wrapping Enable the customer to choose whether he wants his product gift wrapped    
Weight Optionally configure a weight for each product to calculate shipping    
Inventory Track the inventory level of each product (number available in stock)    
Low Inventory Warning When the stock number of a product reaches a certain level, a 'low inventory' warning is flagged    
Special Pricing Rules Rules can be automatically configured into pricing calculations (for example add $5 if extra-large shirt)    
Call for Pricing Option Requests customers to call you for prices, rather than display the prices online
Catalog Mode Enable your products to be displayed online but not purchased (for exmaple because they are too big to ship)
Bulk Import From Excel Import thousands of products from a spreadsheet to populate your store quickly and efficiently      
Reviews Product reviews can be entered and published for other customers to see      
Cost Price Specify cost price (invisible to customers, used for Analytics)    
Sales Events Enter special prices for sales events    
Taxation Configure whether a product is taxed or not    
Geographic Tax Regions Full support for different tax zones in separate geographical regions    
Price Incl/Excl of Tax Your price can be set inclusive or exclusive of tax    
Tax Display Display your tax in the store as well as in invoices that are emailed to customers    
Product Comparisons Products can be compared against each other to determine which is best for the customer  
Multi-Currency Complete multi-currency support - the user can select any currency
Exchange Rates Exchange rates for multi-currency are updated automatically, in real time
Currency Detection Currency can be displayed automatically by detecting the visitor's region
Default Currency One currency (such as $US) selected as default for payments (independent of which currency is actually displayed on screen)
Product Options Maximum number of product options that the user can set (such as size, color and model) 4 5 10 Unlimited
Mandatory Options Make any options mandatory, so that they have to be set by the customer (for example size) before they can purchase the product
Options Types Options can be varied between free text, checkboxes, date pickers, file uploads, numbers, product lists, color swatches, texture swatches and others
Credit Cards Configure which credit cards are accepted without leaving your store Simple Credit card payment is done on a separate secure encrypted site as part of the standard checkout process
Ultra-Secure Payments All payment is done via an encrypted SSL channel - world best standard
PayPal Accept Paypal payments
Google Checkout Accept Google Checkout payments
COD Accept Cash on Delivery payments
Cheque Accept cheque payments
UPS, USPS, BPay, FedEx etc Accept multiple other payment types
Over the Phone Orders Advertise online, and provide contact details to take orders over the phone
Payment Into Your Account Payments go directly into the bank account of your choice
Multiple Items in Cart Purchase multiple items and pay for them together, rather than one by one
Emails sends emails to customers if an order's status changes (for example Order Confirmation and Order Shipped)
Order Tracking links Send order tracking links to customers via email, enabing them to view their orders over the internet
Email Invoice Automatically email printable invoices to customers upon payment
Shipping Quotes Automatically calculate the cost of shipping to any destination and include as part of the price
Free Shipping Provide free shipping on a per-product basis
Free Shipping over $x Provide free shipping for products over $x
Limit Shipping by Region Limit shipping of a product to a specific country or state    
Handling Cost Define order handling costs as part of the price  
Bulk Quantity Discount Automatically discount purchases if ordered in bulk numbers    
Order Quantities Set the minimum or maximum order quantity associated with any product    
Single or Multi-page Checkout Configure your store to have the entire checkout process occur on one page, or multiple pages
Custom Checkout Fields Request specialised information (for example special packaging instructions)
Order Numbers All orders have a unique numbers enabling easy tracking and identification
Recommendations Automatic recommendations in the form "You may also likeā€¦"
Re-ordering Any item may be reordered simply by selecting the 'Reorder' button in their account details    
Ordering by Date Ranges Re-order capability only within a given date range    
Return System Enable customers to return products
Return Reasons Drop-down list of reason product was returned
Return Disabled Disable return capability within store
Encryption All confidential transactions, such as credit card payments, occur on a secure encrypted channel
PCI Compliance Technology used has been audited and is Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant to avoid fraud and compromise
Enterprise Architecture The technology underpinning your store sits on an enterprise architecture, supporting 10,000+ other stores
Redundancy Three separate networks and 7 points of presence, providing redundancy and protecting your up-time
Security System World-class security against hacking and fraud
Optimized content All pages are fully optimized for search engines such as Google
Optimized Links All links (called URLs) are fully optimized for search engines such as Google
Redirection If users type in your domain name without the www, they will get correctly redirected
Per Page Optimization Pages can be set up with their own titles, descriptions and keywords for search engine optimization
Headers Correct use of titles which is extremely important to how search engines such as Google parse pages
Optimized Images Images are correctly tagged to ensure they are visible and parsed by search engines
Compliance All code is 100% compliant (HTML, CSS) to ensure that search engines can browse it without problems
Date Range Graphs and Reports can be provided on any date range (today, yesterday, last 30 days, all time etc)      
Dashboard Data and graphs of total revenue, unique visitors, completed orders and conversion rate      
Top 20 Customers For top 20 customers, number of orders and amount spent      
Top 20 Selling Products For top 20 best selling products, number of orders and revenue      
Order Locations Integrate with Google Analytics to determine where your customers came from      
Orders For a given period, list which and how many of the products were ordered, and revenue      
Sales Tax Configure your store to calculate your Sales / Goods & Services tax      
Product Popularity Report showing which products were most popular (by views)      
Inventory Inventory report showing your current stock levels      
Revenue by Customer Report showing revenue per each customer      
Storage Statistics Report showing how much data you are storing      
Transfer Statistics Report showing how much data you are transferring over the internet      
Customer Address Book Report showing the addresses of your customers (where products were shipped to)      
Google Analytics Automatic integration with Google Analytics    
Price Filter Products displayed can be filtered by a low/high price range
Price Sort Products displayed can be sorted by price increasing or decreasing
Free Shipping Filter Products displayed can be filtered to show those with free shipping
Brand Filter Products displayed can be filtered by a particular brand / manufacturer
Advanced Search Options Advanced options for enhanced search capability
Search Tips Search options have helpful hints to assist the customer
Search Suggest Automatic suggestions for improving search results ("Did you mean...?")
Search Results Statistics on which keywords your customers used in searches      
Number of Searches Statistics on the number of searches over a date range      
Most Popular Keywords Statistics on the most popular keywords used by customers      
Worst Performing Keywords Statistics on the most popular keywords used by customers that did not yield a result      
Mailouts Complete, automatic integration to enable mailouts to customers      
Newsletter Subscriptions Newsletter subscription panel for customer newsletters and campaigns      
Customized Emails All emails (invoices, mailouts and others) can be customised to fit your image and logos    
Facebook Facebook "Like" button on product pages
Social Media Sites Social Media Sites
eBay Automatic integration with eBay - sell any of your products on eBay from your store      
Coupons Enable coupon entry for free shipping (coupons can be tracked, and may be limited by users or by dates)      
Gift Certificates Create and distribute online gift certificates (redeemed for their face value on your site)      
Banners Display promotional banners    
Discount Campaigns campaigns such as "Buy one, get one free of equal value" - discounts can be per-product or store-wide    
Create Extra Sales Display panel with "Customers who viewed this product also viewed..."
Google AdWords Export to Google AdWords campaigns      
Popular Products Entice your customers by showing the most popular products at the bottom of the store    
New Products Entice your customers by showing the newest products at the bottom of the store    
News Publish recent news items    
Professionally Designed Your store will look simple, user friendly and beautiful
Shipping options Enable your customer to select which shipping option they want
Account or Guest Checkout Enable your customers to pay either via a registered account or as a one time guest, without registration Account Only Account Only
Account Messages Messages to the store owner can be sent and received through customer account details
Account Order Status The status of any order is visible in the customer's account details
View Order Details The original details of any order, such as description and images, can be viewed in the customer's account details
Completed Order Details Orders that are completed can be viewed in the customer's account details

QUOTE OF THE DAY Buying something on sale is a very special feeling. In fact, the less I pay for something, the more it is worth to me. I have a dress that I paid so little for that I am afraid to wear it. I could spill something on it, and then how would I replace it for that amount of money?
- Rita Rudner